What freshman can learn from seniors


Gwynne Olson

 What freshman can learn from seniors


Starting high school as a freshman has been a difficult task throughout every school everywhere. Jesuit high school is no exception. 

Sports are big at Jesuit. With three no-cut sports, it has always been a good way to make friends. Senior Connor Kollas has played basketball and baseball during his time at Jesuit.

“Sports at Jesuit have allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and it is a place where I can have fun and enjoy playing the sports I love,” he said “The coaches are very supportive and push the athletes to be better people on and off the field and court.”

Sports at Jesuit are very competitive and many sports include cuts. Kids get cut from sports every year, but there are ways to still be involved. 

“If you cannot play a sport, manage it,” JV Lacrosse team manager Ella Howe said.

Ella has been the JV Lacrosse manager for two years and simply loves it. Managing is a great way to stay involved in the sport you love.  Talk to a coach and see if they need help managing for the coming season! 

Sports are not the only way to get involved at Jesuit, there are so many other things at Jesuit you are able to do. The theatre program at Jesuit is phenomenal, there are countless clubs, and so many opportunities to bring yourself into the Jesuit community without sports.

“School is not always about the sports you play. Branch out. Try something new. It’s insane the different options you will find,” Senior Grace Wetzler said.

Sports may be your passion, and can be a great way to make friends, but there are so many other ways. This school is filled with so many unique opportunities to become involved as much as you want to be!

Feeling like you do not fit in is a common problem through all grades, especially Freshman year. This year, it may be hard to know where you stand, but it’s important to know that everything will be okay.

The community we have here at Jesuit is very powerful and welcoming of new students. Senior Logan Horton gave the freshman some tips from his freshman year.

 “I wish I would have known that I would be okay and have good friends by the time I was a senior,” he said, “If I could give one piece of advice is to buy into the Jesuit community as soon as you can because it’s worth it.”


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Seniors courtesy Gwynne Olson