Rosa Madden, a junior at Jesuit High School, is taking her first year of journalism this year. She’s excited to write articles for the paper and explore new topics such as the rules, norms, and trends at Jesuit. Taking a look at Jesuit’s sport’s teams and academic achievements as well as struggles also sounds interesting. Stepping back from everyday life, Rosa would also like to look at more national topics as well as global ones, too. At Jesuit, Rosa’s day is full of classes and extracurricular activities. Her favorite subject is English, even if it can be quite difficult at times! Aside from schoolwork, Rosa busies herself after-school with cross country, swimming, track, and various clubs. She likes feeling accomplished everyday, allowing her to be more productive while working on homework later in the night. When she’s not at school, Rosa loves to read, take pictures, play with her dog, and bake. She bakes mainly a lot of cookies and cakes, but she also likes to explore new recipes either passed down from her mom or looking them up on the internet. Another pastime of Rosa’s is participating in Girl Scouts. From working on the Gold Award to completing numerous journeys, Rosa plans to finish Girl Scouts through high school.