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Jayla Lowery

Jayla Lowery is a current senior at Jesuit High School. She enjoys biking, reading, swimming, music, daydreaming, watching movies, and writing mediocre short stories and screenplays. Journalism has always interested her and she is excited to learn and write articles for the first time. She is really hoping to write pages focused on social issues and pop culture. She believes these topics deeply connect into Jesuit High School’s environment and culture and is interested in exploring the impacts of those subjects on Jesuit further. Jayla also hopes to write about music and movies and interview the many diverse and unique members of the Jesuit community. She is hoping to hear the perspectives and stories of people from all walks of life that make up the greater Jesuit High School community. She can’t wait to meet and talk to people she would usually never get the opportunity to! Jayla is hoping to studying screenwriting in college and hopes journalism will help her improve her writing skills and also help introduce her up to a new form of writing. She hopes she isn’t too nosy of a journalist and that this year is a very fun and exciting one and can hardly wait to get started!

Jayla Lowery, Alumni 2019-2020

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Jayla Lowery