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Jesuit held its 2020 Presidential Mock election on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Results of 2020 Jesuit Mock Election

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 631 Jesuit students participated in the 2020 mock election, representing approximately half of the student body. Voting was tied to Jesuitmail.org email accounts to ensure students are enrolled at Jesuit High School. Students were only allowed to vote once and weren’t required to answer any/all of the questions.

Polls were open from 8am-3pm.

This election was meant to symbolize a possible outcome of tonight’s presidential election, where voters will cast their ballots via mail or in-person until 8 pm tonight in most states.

Jesuit Chronicle conducted the Mock Election.

The junior class was the most involved, with 195 students voting, followed by the freshmen class (164), the senior class (146) and the sophomore class (126).

Of the 631 students, 621 offered their political party. 53% identified as Democrats and 16.3% identified as Republican, with 27.4% stating that they had no party preference. 3.4% stated other.


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