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Writing. Photography. Video. The home of Jesuit High School student journalism.

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Writing. Photography. Video. The home of Jesuit High School student journalism.

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Advertising Rates

2022-2023 school year


Price is per issue: 4 issues printed each academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Graduation)


1/32 Page Ad (Business Card)                                              $40.00 per issue

1/16 Page Ad (4 ½” x 2.0”)                                                   $80.00 per issue

1/8 Page Ad (4 ½” x 4.0”)                                                    $100.00 per issue

1/6 Page Ad (6.0” x 4 ½”)                                                    $125.00 per issue

¼ Page Ad (8.0” x 5.0”)                                                        $150.00 per issue

½ Page Ad (8.5”x 11”)                                                           $250.00 per issue

Full Page Ad (17” x 11”)                                                         $500.00 per issue


SOCIAL MEDIA Ads and Sponsorship

  • There is no current social media advertising; however, many of our videos below end up on social media, specifically Instagram (see below).

VIDEO Ads and Sponsorship

  • Jesuit Media is open to having “brought to you by” sponsors for the following broadcasts. On video, a graphic provided by the sponsor would be shown to open each video. On podcasts, copy would be read from the sponsor.
    • The Weekly: a video news run-down each Friday. Approximately 1000 views on Instagram each week, plus additional views through YouTube.
      • $75 per episode or $1500 for the academic year (approximately 25 episodes)
    • The Jesuit Sportscast: a weekly video podcast run-down of sports at Jesuit. Approximately 800 views on Instagram each week.
      • $60 per episode or $1300 for the academic year (approximately 25 episodes)
    • The Sader Scoop: a monthly video podcast covering lifestyle content
      • $60 per episode or $500 for the academic year
    • JCTV broadcasts varsity games each season for each sport. Please inquire about options.


“JESUIT MEDIA” referenced below includes the following publications and entities: www.jesuitnews.com, The Jesuit Chronicle, @jesuithsmedia (Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter), and JCTV (YouTube).

  1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to inform individuals or entities interested in placing advertisements within The Jesuit Chronicle of the terms and conditions for such advertisements. This policy is the governing document over all Jesuit Media advertising.

  1. Policy Statement

The Jesuit Chronicle Advertising Policy provides guidance to all those entities which advertise in the Print, Online and Social Media Publications of Jesuit Media.

  1. Acceptance and Conditions

All advertisements submitted are subject to the acceptance and approval of Jesuit Media in consultation with the moderator and the school. The Jesuit Chronicle is a student-run production of Jesuit High school and shares in the mission put forth by the high school (see 10 below). Advertisements incompatible with the values of Jesuit High School will not be accepted. The Jesuit Chronicle, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline to accept any proposed advertising and this right shall not be deemed to be waived by prior acceptance or actual use of any advertising matter. The Jesuit Chronicle may include the word “advertisement” or otherwise add or delete text to or from advertisements that, in The Jesuit Chronicle’s opinion, may resemble editorial matter. Publishing or acceptance of an advertisement is neither a guarantee nor endorsement of the Advertiser’s product or service. In consideration for The Jesuit Chronicle’s agreeing to publish an advertisement, Advertisers agree that they are fully authorized and licensed to use all intellectual property contained in the advertisement and that the use of the name of any individual or entity in a testimonial or other matter is authorized, not libelous, and does not constitute an invasion of privacy. Advertisers agree to defend, indemnify and hold The Jesuit Chronicle harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from claims or suits for libel, slander, violation of rights of privacy or publicity, plagiarism, copyright or trademark infringement and any other claims or suits that may arise out of publication of such advertisements.

  1. Important: By advertising in Jesuit Media, the advertiser accepts and is bound to the terms set forth in this rate page. The Jesuit Chronicle reserves the right to change its advertising policies and rates at any time.
  2. Artwork requirement

All ads received must be publishing-ready, hi-res PDF, PNG, or JPE. The Jesuit Chronicle is not responsible for typographical errors on ads provided by the advertiser.

  1. Acceptance

The Jesuit Chronicle reserves the right to reject any advertising that violates our advertising Policy (see above) or runs contrary to the mission of Jesuit High school. All advertisements, insertions or other promotions must be reviewed prior to publication.

  1. Content Guidelines

All advertising is subject to the approval of The Jesuit Chronicle. The Jesuit Chronicle reserves the right to reject any advertisement. The Jesuit Chronicle will not knowingly print ads that are defamatory or discriminatory towards any individual or group, contain plagiarized work, or violate local, state, or federal laws.

  1. Errors/ Makegoods

For an ad to be considered for any type of makegood, advertisers must notify The Jesuit Chronicle within seven days of receiving a copy of the newspaper or seeing the online advertisement in question. An original copy of the ad materials confirmed to be correct and final and instructions as to the error must be submitted to the advertising manager before any makegood will be considered.

  1. Payment Deadlines

Payment is expected in advance for all advertisements unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with The Jesuit Chronicle and approved by the moderator. Payments are due no later than 30 business days after the publication of the ad or the agreed upon collection date. 15% of the original ad cost will be added for each week past due.

  1. Jesuit High School Mission Statement

Jesuit High School is a Catholic, college-preparatory school in the Jesuit tradition. It serves students of all religious faiths.

Jesuit education fosters the harmonious development of the adolescent’s gifts: spiritual, religious, intellectual, physical, emotional, and aesthetic. Jesuit High School hopes to accomplish this development by demonstrating a personal concern for individuals, a special concern for the poor, an articulate wisdom, enthusiasm, and a sense of community. In so doing, the school hopes to graduate leaders who are committed to serve God and their fellow men and women. Our hope is that our students develop a profound sense of justice founded in love, i.e., leaders who are “men and women for others.”