2020 Happened – Let’s Think Positive For 2021


Image courtesy of Avni Sharma.

Packed with an eventful and stress inducing Presidential Election, protests, an ongoing pandemic, and the sight of smoky skies in September, 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster. Though bad times come and go, the long anticipation for widespread use of the vaccine prolongs this nightmare-ish year from ending.

The end of a significant year prompts one to reflect on the high and low points. For Jesuit students, the past nine months are synonymous with isolation, stress from school related activities, and various personal struggles. 

“[2020] had a lot of ups and downs,” sophomore Gabriella Feleciano says. “It has been the shortest and longest year in a sense.”

Pushing students to their academic, mental, and emotional limits, the current arrangement of a hectic school schedule paired with extracurricular and other commitments made the year progress slowly, yet fast. Everyday occurrences—such as meeting friends, or going out to dinner—pass off as a luxury, too dangerous to be afforded. These measures have impeded students’ ability to maintain close friendships, and have deprived one’s ability to appreciate simple joys in life. 

That being said, unhealthily dwelling on the unfortunate events of the past year won’t help us heal from it; Neither will ruminating about pre-COVID life improve the current quality of life. According to an article written by Dr. Summer Allen, looking ahead with a positive outlook holds more significance in the healing process than reminiscing about how things used to be. 

“Besides helping us make decisions and reach our goals, there is evidence that prospection may improve psychological health more generally,” Dr. Allen says, “Taking time to simulate and enjoy a positive experience in advance—whether it be an upcoming meal, visit with friends, or vacation—can allow you to derive lasting benefits for the experience.” 

Many students at Jesuit have already begun to utilize Dr. Allen’s positive-thinking findings to keep their motivation and drive during this time. 

“I’m working through everything with as positive of a mindset as I can muster,” sophomore Caitlin Thomas says. “I recognize that I am given the opportunity to still be here, to enjoy life. I hope 2021 will be a year of peace and productivity for us all.”