Valentine’s Day Blind Date



In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, two senior singletons, Maddie Choruby and Nicky Tcherven, were surprised with a COVID-19 friendly blind date. Strangers to each other, Choruby and Tcherven arrived at their outdoor date destination of Council Crest. After getting over the almost freezing conditions, both sat distanced on a blanket and started to get to know each other. 


Conversation started off a little awkward, as Choruby asked Tcherven to “scooch” right off the bat, but they eventually got into a groove of somewhat tense small talk. Unfortunately, things started to go downhill from there. After covering all small talk, Tcherven learned that Choruby hopes of becoming a fashion designer and he did not hide the fact that he thought this to be a “bad idea.” Not a great first impression, but Tcherven remained confident that the date was going very well.


After several minutes of awkward silence, conversation became even more awkward when the lack of food at their picnic date was brought up. Choruby, expecting food on the date politely asked if Tchervan brought any, but much to her disappointment, Tcherven explained that he thought about bringing food but decided against it. 


“I cannot believe that she thought I’d bring food,” Tcherven said. “Like who does she think I am?”


They hit a bit of a rocky patch but decided that maybe a walk and change of scenery would make a difference. Sadly, they were wrong. Having covered almost all topics of conversation, the pair started pointing out things such as statues. 


“I think this guy is kind of weird,” Choruby said. “I am not sure if this is really working out.”


In a final attempt to connect, Choruby asked Tcherven about the band he is known to be in called “The Van Damms.” Happy to see the conversation switched into his territory, Tcherven pulled out his phone to play a demo. Tcherven hovered over Choruby as the music played pinning for compliments. After about a minute Choruby told him that the music was good to which he responded “I know.”


Finally, the cold and awkwardness forced the date to come to an end. When asking Tcherven if he would go on a second date he was thrilled at the idea, saying he thought this relationship could last long term. 


“I really think she’s the one,” Tcherven said. 


Choruby, however, did not share Tchervan’s sentiment. 


“I do not think our vibes are very good together,” Choruby said. When asked if she wanted to schedule a second date she claimed to have a headache and needed to go home. Tcherven seemed to grapple a bit, offering Tylenol in his car, but Choruby quickly denied, failing to hide her disinterest as she headed home.


Whether it was the cold, the opposing personalities, or the concept of going on a first date during a pandemic, the pair will not make it long term as Tcherven hoped. Although clearly disappointed by the end of the date, there is still hope for Tcherven – Choruby just might not be the one for him.