Honoring our seniors: Reet Chatterjee


Reet Chatterjee joined Jesuit Chronicle during his senior year, taking on a role as an editor. His writing focuses include social justice, politics, reform, racial justice, education, and environmentalism. In addition to the Jesuit Chronicle, Reet is currently working as a content writer intern for Parlia—a London based encyclopedia of opinion and perspective. His favorite media outlets are Vice, The Wall Street Journal, Parlia, Vox, and of course the Jesuit Chronicle. Reet will be attending Columbia University studying law, economics, sociology, and maybe some journalism.

His classmates said about Reet:

Reet is a brilliant writer and student. I always looked forward to news round table whenever Reet was present because he never failed to inform us of what was going on. Reet is a bright light here at Jesuit and is a compassionate friend to all. Reet will go far in life and I cannot wait to see what he accomplishes.
              –Bennett Raymond
Reet has always made Journalism class very lively and interactive. He is definitely one of the most accomplished and driven people that I know.
Reet is someone who can make everyone smile in and room an he goes super in depth on each article he writes.
          –JJ Gray