Honoring our seniors: Gwynne Olson


Gwynne Olson has worked on Jesuit Chronicle for two years, serving as our social media director and writing articles ranging from social issues to school events. She will continue her studies next year at Boise State University, where she intends to major in business and journalism.

About Gwynne, her classmates said:

Gwynne writes about things that she is passionate about and it is motivating to the other journalist in the classroom. Whenever Gwynne is in the classroom I know it is going to be a fun day. Gwynne fills whatever room she walks into with a vibrant energy. She will be a friend to all at Boise next year and I cannot wait to hear about her endeavors.

–Lucy Menendez

Gwynne is very outgoing and expressive. It has been fun having Journalism class with her. I will miss her next year.

–Isabel Crespo

Very funny and always participating. She single-handedly carried our Jesuit newspaper Instagram account to 241 followers.
–Kavish Siddhartha
Gwynne has played an integral role in the growth and success of our paper this year: managing the social media account. In addition, Gwynne has deep respect for the journalistic process, and I will miss the energy she brings to class.
–Reet Chatterjee
Gwynne is a super hard worker and great leader to have in the class.
Gwynne has been a very kind person in this years class. She is very funny and hiring s lots of creative ideas to the journalism program.