Honoring our seniors: Scout Jacobs


Serving as both and editor and a writer during her time at Jesuit Chroncile, Scout has been a mainstay on the staff, having worked since her sophomore year. She has been through multiple iterations of the paper, offering great leadership as the production went fully digital. She will be attending Loyola Marymount University next year where she will study English and journalism.

About Scout, her peers said:

Scout is an amazing person, through and through. I have cherished our walks out of journalism to biology filled with killer jokes and laughter. She is a bright student and will always pick up an extra piece to help the journalism team. Scout is awesome!

–Lucy Menendez

Scout Jacobs has an incredible dedication to class and the whole journalistic process. As the most experienced senior, Scout has set the pristine example of being a leader in journalism class.

–Reet Chatterjee

Scout always managed to brighten my day up. Her sense of humor and laughter made journalism even that much more enjoyable!

–Anton Baricevic

Scout is loyal, energetic, and a talented writer. Even though everyone got our names mixed up, she was still bright and fun, always laughing and smiling.

–Steele Clevenger

She is one of the reasons I really enjoyed journalism. Just in general, she made the class fun.

–Gwynne Olson

Scout has a great personality and will always be cracking a joke and making everybody laugh.

–JJ Gray

Great editor. Always gave great edits and made me a better writer in the process.

–Kavish Siddhartha

Scout is very kind and approachable. I have loved working with her this year and will miss her next year.

–Isabel Crespo

Scout has always been a great helper, she was the person that got me comfortable with journalism when I first started.

–Bennett Raymond