Jesuit Student Spotlight 


Example of Jesuit Student Shoutout posts on @Jesuitpdx_spirit

Jesuit is a school full of multi-talented students, with kids achieving incredible accomplishments through art, academics, drama and more. Despite the accomplishments of the student body, there are many students whose achievements go unrecognized. To help remedy this, Student Government has initiated a “Jesuit Student Shoutout” program in which students can submit their personal achievements and earn a shoutout on Instagram.

Four Student Government representatives— senior Zoe Quach, senior Parfait Anaouko, junior James Miller and junior Chase Kerman— have created a google form for students to submit any achievements they’ve been recognized for. After submitting, Student Government representatives Miller and Kerman create custom Instagram graphics. 

“In my opinion, there is definitely a tendency for only certain groups at Jesuit to have their achievements recognized, for example, football, basketball, or lacrosse,” Quach said. “There are so many other groups at Jesuit and students who participate in non-Jesuit affiliated extracurriculars who have achievements which deserve to be recognized.” 

A variety of accomplishments have been submitted through the Google Form. Junior Jenny Duan used the form to let students know she had written an article for the Griffith Observer about astrophysics.

“The Jesuit Student Shoutout program acknowledges student achievements and spotlights involvement outside of school,” Duan said. “It connects students together by providing opportunities to connect and celebrate one another, helping strengthen our community and spirit.”

Junior Angie Cao was also recognized for recently becoming a gold medalist in U.S. Figure Skating.

“I think that the Student Shoutout is a good idea to continue in the future,” Cao said. “It helps students celebrate their accomplishments outside of school and brings the community closer together.”

In addition to the google form, Student Government has recognized several students for achievements inside of school, such as students from the Jesuit Drama Department who qualified for the State Thespian Festival, and students from the Jesuit Art Department who achieved Regional Gold Wins for visual art.

“We should definitely continue the shoutouts because there are just so many students who don’t feel as if their accomplishments are seen or recognized because they are overshadowed by the athletics program.” Miller said. 

Representatives Miller and Quach both believe the shoutouts have been beneficial to students of Jesuit, and hope that the program continues in future years.

“I definitely think Jesuit needs to continue this program,” Quach said. “Like I said, so many groups and individuals at Jesuit go unheard and unrecognized. Our school is more than athletics and people need to start seeing that.”

Example of Jesuit Student Shoutout posts on @Jesuitpdx_spirit