Club Fair Recap—Where can you get involved?


Caitlin Thomas

Students sign up for activities at Club Fair while leaders entice them with fun posters.

During Flex Period on Tuesday, September 21st, students of all grades lined up behind tables at Jesuit’s 2021 Club Fair to discover how they can get involved around campus. 

Tables lined Mary’s Way and spread into Hayes Plaza arranged alphabetically in attempts to organize stations in an accessible way. 

Students could choose from 52 clubs hosting tables at the event. For example, some clubs offered creative outlooks and others focused on fostering discussions over political issues. Additionally, clubs ranged in commitment with some meeting once a month, while others meet every week. 

“I signed up for 5 clubs. I found Ukulele Club, SAFER, Drama Club—a lot of new clubs,” senior Ellie Gianola said. 

Club Fair also offered freshman students some of their first interactions with clubs. 

“Everyone was really welcoming and wanted us to sign up and asked us questions about ourselves,” freshman Akhil Kaushik said.

One difference between this year’s Club Fair and those in the past was the shift from it being held during lunch to now during Jesuit’s new Flex Periods. 

“I think more people attended during Flex because people don’t want to give up their lunch, and are more willing to use their Flex Period time to explore other activities,” club leader Jenny Duan said. 

Club Fair offered opportunities for students to get excited about the school year and helped aid clubs in gaining new members to spread their mission.

“It was really helpful because I now know there’s a bunch of things I can do at Jesuit and I feel more excited for the rest of the school year,” Kaushik said.

To find more information about Jesuit clubs for the 2021-22 school year, follow this link for a list of activities and descriptions.