Impact of Hollman Family Student Union


Justin Bian

Students eating in the Hollman Family Student Union during lunch.

At Jesuit High School, the new school year has been filled with many changes. Most noticeably, the construction of the new cafeteria, the Hollman Family Student Union. The Hollman Family Student Union is now the central hub for students to eat, talk to friends, and hang out. 

After remaining the same since 1956, the renovation of the Gedrose Student Center was made possible thanks to a generous donation of two million dollars from Joe Hollman. Hollman was an alumnus of Jesuit, graduating in the class of ‘60. 

In the new Hollman Family Student Union, all the floors, walls, and ceilings were replaced to create a more welcoming environment. A couple of the biggest additions were flat screen televisions and booths. The Commons right outside the cafeteria were also updated with a new look. 

Mr. Chris Orazio, a Jesuit alumnus and a supervisor of the Student Union, was impressed with the improvements.

“With the new space, it’s so colorful, so vibrant, it’s more welcoming to the people who want to be here,” Mr. Orazio said. “It’s a place you want to come hang out.” 

He also mentioned that there is more versatility with the new space than there was before. 

“More teams want to use this space for team dinners,” Mr Orazio said. “College events are being booked. When we have back to school nights, it is a nice place for parents to talk, as opposed to hanging out outside.” 

The new features in the cafeteria have proved to give students more flexibility during the school day. It is clear that students are embracing the changes when they eat lunch, whether it be in the cafeteria or the commons. 

“My favorite changes are the TV’s,” junior Rohan Varma said. “They were definitely a good addition. You can see what’s going on in the community and it can record highlights for Jesuit sports matches.”

The new layout also sparked some positive feedback from other students, who enjoy the new booths and seating arrangements. 

“I like the way the new seating is laid out,” junior Oliver Jensen said. “The cafeteria is also really modern, and I like the renovated commons.”

Mrs. Tuenge, the vice president of communications and public affairs, was also involved in the planning of the Student Union, and has already seen the changes on campus. 

“By having the space open and available throughout most of the school day, students are able to utilize the space on an ongoing basis,” Mrs. Tuenge said. “From my perspective, the impact on students and their experience has already been very beneficial.”

The Hollman Family Student Union will have a profound effect on Jesuit for years to come. Joe Hollman’s donation has changed the way students spend time with their friends on a daily basis. With the help and collaboration of others, the transformation has been a resounding success.