Flex Talks Recap


Student government gave information about the then upcoming 2021 Homecoming.

This year, a notable change to the bell schedule has been the addition of  flex periods and subsequent flex talks. So far, there have been 2 Peer2Peer flex talks hosted in the moyer theatre and black box as well as club meetings and guest speakers.

An upcoming flex talk is hosted by Mr. Greg Van Pelt in the Black Box. This talk will be about Catholic tradition in business ethics. This event happened on the 30th.

Topic selection is managed by DEI and student leaders.

“The topics are picked by Elina, Michael, Montez and I, and we can pick topics that challenge and start conversations for students,” senior Jenny Duan said.

The first Peer2Peer talk was on language of ally ship in the Moyer theatre. Club leaders were asked to talk about solidarity and marginalized voices. 

“We try to find people who accurately depict the topics and have experience,” Duan said, “For reflection on service we picked a veteran. But for the language of ally ship we picked club leaders.”

The second Peer2Peer talk was a reflection on service. In the black box there was a panel of veterans and teachers who are veterans. They discussed the American flag, ways to serve, and what it means to serve.

Other flex talks have included counseling resources, the immigrant story, KBI Border Immersion, and coping with stress.

Counseling resources’ meeting was about college planning, graduation, DEI, and other resources. It was split up into multiple sections and locations depending on grade level.

The immigrant story by Emmmanuel Turaturanye was hosted in the Moyer Theatre. Turanturanye discussed his experience with racism being from Rwanda. An important piece to Turaturanye and Rawnda’s history is the genocide of the Tutsi which Turaturanye is a part of.

KBI border immersion discussed how the border immersion was different this year, how it usually worked, and plans for the future. This applies to students at Jesuit as this is a popular choice for service projects and has partnered with Jesuit.

The “Coping with Stress” meeting was mandatory for juniors in the Moyer Theatre. A psychiatrist discussed the effects and how to deal with stress in a high school setting. During the meeting, the unique stresses of high school, how to cope, and what is healthy was discussed.

Other all school meetings include the October 28 Homecoming Assembly.