Library Director Mr. Lum Retires After 40 years of Teaching


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Library Director Mr. Lum left Jesuit after 19 years at the end of January.

After 19 years teaching at Jesuit, Mr. Gregory Lum retired on January 28.

Although Mr. Lum had many considerations going into his decision to retire, he highlighted his family and interests as key factors. “Part of my time will be spent on the coast being near my parents who are getting older. I will be able to be with them for a few days a week and still live in the Portland area on the weekends,” Mr. Lum said.

Mr. Lum talked about how he wanted to continue to be connected to Portland as he likes his church, yard, and the friendships he has built here.

Outside of being the library director, Mr. Lum has been a co-coordinator for many encounters and an assistant in running student government for 14 years.

Among all these programs Mr. Lum was most proud of making reading enjoyable for students.

“I remember sharing a book with a junior who loved it and shared that this was the first non-assigned book he had read. And then I shared that with the author and the author wrote to the student,” Mr. Lum said.

Before Jesuit, Mr. Lum taught at other schools starting as a 5th grade teacher in Scappoose where one of his students was math teacher Mr. Hildreth.

Mr. Lum has also taught in Tennessee, Central Oregon, Astoria, and worked as an adjunct instructor at Portland State and George Fox University. Mr. Lum has spent ten years in the classroom and thirty years in a school library. His hardest job was teaching kindergarten.

Mr. Lum’s work in the library has been a consistent resource for students, particularly for research guides and as a place to study.

“The resource guide allowed me to access the information I needed especially for a chemistry project. Overall the library is a place you can get help with all of your classes and literary needs,” said junior Gerardo Reyes-Gonzalez.

While Mr. Lum’s impact as an educator will continue to influence Jesuit, following his retirement on January 28, current library assistant Ms. Dickinson will be here for an additional two days a week. Mrs. Fitzpatrik-Bjorn will also take a more predominant role. One other librarian, Mr. Campillo, will also be a part of the library as Jesuit adjusts.