Student Spotlight: Jacob Nenow


Jacob Nenow

Junior Jacob Nenow participates in cross-country, rigorous math courses, and other fulfilling hobbies.


Junior Jacob Nenow is a nationally ranked cross-country athlete, placing 19th nationally in the Garmin Running Lane Cross Country Championships. Not only is he an accomplished athlete, but he is academically inclined as he takes Jesuit’s most advanced math classes.

While he may be accomplished, it’s not without hard work and struggle. Motivation also used to be a struggle for Nenow, who found it difficult to continue running. Nenow also used to play chess, which similarly takes motivation. 

“With running, freshman year I struggled with motivation to keep going, and seeing how it paid off kept me going,” Nenow said. 

Nenow pursues many rigorous avenues such as math, piano, and cross country which have taught him the importance of discipline and practice. 

“When I was growing up, I did piano competitions that required the same amount of dedication that I am able to use for running,” Nenow said. “It is a balance.”

Nenow’s routine requires intent focus in order to keep a workload manageable.

“I practice, and I go home and basically work until 9:30 and then relax,” Nenow said. “I try to be disciplined by not taking a lot of breaks before that.”

Nenow’s cross country teammate Gus Clevenger  has run with Nenow since freshman year and is proud of his growth. 

“Jacob has been a great friend,” Clevanger said. “Coming in freshman year, I didn’t really know a lot about him, but he really proved himself to be an indispensable member of our team. He has not just a passion for running, but a passion for his piano, his math, and chess, and just to see him embrace all the things he loves, and work as hard as he does, is extraordinarily impressive.”

Math continues to be incredibly important to Jacob as he is in discrete math and topology and analysis. 

“Right now,  I am planning to major in math and if I can, I’m going to try to get onto a D1 cross country team,” Nenow said. 

Nenow has been inspired by many in his life who have exhibited similar passions as him. 

“My dad inspires me because he was a  successful runner,” Nenow said. “And Dr. Gorman, he is really inspiring too.”

Looking into the future Nenow hopes to continue running at Jesuit and to live out Jesuit’s mission. 

“Me, Gus Clevanger, and junior Josh Augustine will be the captains,” Nenow said. Hopefully we will be able to win the state championship next year. Serving God and others is my long-term goal.

This year, Nenow individually placed 19th in the Garmin Running Lane Cross Country Championships and Jesuit’s cross country team won the State Championship, and placed 3rd nationally. He aspires to continue his career in college.