Chapter One, Reignited


Don Clarke

Freshmen look on as a seniors speaks to them about their experience at Jesuit.

Coming in as a freshman can be intimidating. With so many new faces, any opportunity to connect with classmates is valuable.

This is where Chapter One comes in. A long-standing Jesuit tradition, Chapter One’s goal is to provide freshmen with the chance to get senior advice, get to know other freshmen, and play fun games in the process.

Jesuit’s tradition of Chapter One got lost in the COVID craziness.

Mrs. Amy Contreras, history teacher and new Chapter One moderator, shared her experience.

“Watching the students take off in terms of leadership really is inspiring to me. It empowers the students and lets them know that this is their arena,” Contreras said. “This is how they’re going to build the culture of the school.”

Campus Ministry Executive and retreat leader Mr. Don Clarke has led Chapter One for many years. This is Contreras’ first year as a Chapter One moderator. While Clarke and Contreras support the students, Contreras stated how it is crucial for them to let the students take the lead.

This year’s leaders are seniors Olivia Walton and Carson Ruggerio.

“I know freshman year is a hard time especially coming fresh off COVID to meet new people right out of eighth grade,” Walton stated. “It’s a good place for them to meet each other and form bonds.”

Walton added how she made various friends from Chapter One when she was a freshman, which influenced her decision to take the lead in the reigniting of the meetings.

Freshmen and seniors should look forward to the Chapter One meeting in October. There will be a costume contest to look forward to some Halloween fun.