New Teacher Q&A: Mrs. Carreon Serna


Sean Khouri

Profe Carreón-Serna is now one month into her first year teaching here at Jesuit.

Aimée Carreón-Serna is the newest member of the World Language Department. She will be teaching Spanish II as well as Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Learners (H). To make it easier on her students she also goes by Profe Carreón.

She has an extravagant résumé as she has been in the teaching field for over twenty years. She has completed teaching stints at PCC, George Fox University, Pacific University, UC Santa Barbara, Portland State University, Central Catholic High School, and New Mexico State as teaching assistant.

As well as teaching across much of the west, Profe Carreón was born in Mexico and loves the challenge of learning new languages. She has general knowledge in French, Portegeause, Catalan, Galician, Basque, as well as the indigenous language of Tarahumara. Before even stepping foot on campus she had heard about the wonderful Jesuit community from friends.

“I have many friends who have their kids you know, attending Jesuit, and the kids always say beautiful thighs about the school. You know, the parents too,” Profe Carreón said.

She was excited to apply and get the job and in turn is enthusiastic about sharing her passion for learning and education with others.

“The best inheritance is education. You know, I can give you a house but nothing is really as important as education,” Profe Carreón said.