Voices from the Crowd: Townsend Powell


Caitlin Thomas

Townsend Powell, a junior at Jesuit High School, enjoys running track, going to the gym, and playing video games.

Comforting, patient, dad-like, kind–all words to describe Townsend Powell.

Powell is a born and raised Oregonian, although he has spent time visiting Spain and Britain. He attended St. Anthony’s for all of elementary and middle school, and is now a junior at Jesuit.

After J-High, Powell hopes to use his passion for technology to work for the government.

“I want to potentially work for a private company via cyber security, or maybe work for the government. Something in computer science would be great,” Powell said.

In his free time, Powell enjoys a balance between relaxation and activity, as he shares his joy for manga, Japanese comics, and playing video games with friends.

Powell also enjoys the gym, which benefits him when running the 100, 200, and sometimes throwing shot put, for his club track team ITC.

As much as Powell enjoys fitness now, it hasn’t always been as natural to him.

Through dedication and grit, Powell motivated himself and friend Cole Chabot to start going to the gym.

“[Powell] inspired me to better myself, especially physically,” Chabot said.

After his hard work, Powell can now bench an impressive 225lbs.

Besides being a great training partner, Chabot recalls how the two kindled their relationship in eighth grade through their love of video games.

“It was because the Christmas before, I got a PS4 and we started playing together. I ended up spending half of the month of August at his house, so we were constantly hanging out with each other…Since then, we have become really close friends,” Chabot said.

Besides making an impact on Chabot’s life, Powell positively impacts those outside of his inner circle, as he makes it easy for people to open up to him.

“Something about his presence really comforts people and they feel like they can trust him,” Chabot shared.

Powell is known as a reliable friend, as he always comes through for those he cares for, demonstrating his “dad-like” demeanor. He is the friend who cheers others on at their sports games, gives anyone a ride, and is always in their corner.

Powell encourages others to step out of their comfort zones and meet new people, as it will not only bring you joy, but others.

“Branch out to a lot of new people, talk to people you don’t really think you would normally talk to, because everyone has their own stories and everyone is really interesting. It is really cool to learn from different kinds of people,” Powell said.

About the Series:

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