The BOAT Show: Ep 1. Sesame Donuts

The Jesuit community is fostered by students, parents, teachers, and alumni. But what else shapes our community? Food! 

Local restaurants around Jesuit help shape our school events and traditions. For instance, what would the Day of Giving be without Sesame Donuts at the flagpole? 

The owner of Sesame Donuts, who prefers to be called Said, taught us all about his store during an exclusive “Boat Show” interview. 

Said’s mother bought the shop in 1987 when it was originally a Dunkin’ Donuts. In 1997, they changed the name to Sesame Donuts and that name has remained since. 

“We have been here I think going on 35 years,” Said shared.

Said also shared that when a customer comes in, he wants to know who they are. He emphasizes a welcoming environment for everyone. Through these connections, it makes Sesame Donuts a loving place for not only Said, but everyone who walks in the door.

“And this is what gives me the energy to come to work,” Said shared. 

After meeting with Said, we tried some donuts. While trying a chocolate cake donut and a classic glaze, we rated the frosting to donut ratio, the fluffiness, presentation, and taste of the donuts.

“I’m rating it twelve out of ten. The taste, presentation, fluffiness is all there, and everything you want out of a donut is here”, Riddle said. 

You can find a Sesame Donuts store at Raleigh Hills, Tigard-Scholls, Tigard (HWY 99), Sherwood, Aloha, Downtown Portland, East Portland, and Hissboro. 

Each store opens at 5am and closing time depends on location. Donuts are affordable, as they typically cost $2.00. 

With an overall positive experience at Sesame Donuts, we left with very full, but happy hearts and stomachs! 

About the Series

Introducing “The Boat Show”, hosted by Charlie Riddle and Brynn Ensminger. Together they go to different restaurants around Jesuit and try unique food. Not only do they taste amazing food, but they also conduct interviews with the owners to learn more about the history, values, and food of the restaurant.

For the very first episode, Riddle and Ensminger tried Sesame Donuts, a shop right off of Beaverton Hillsdale, about 5 minutes down the street from Jesuit.