Broken arm, not broken dreams


Carson Gantz

Dominic Locati runs the ball up the field for the Crusaders

As the JV football season comes to an end, each year a group of players will swing up to play on Varsity. This year, sophomore Dominic Locati is one of those players. 

Locati made his varsity debut during the last game of the regular season, Jesuit’s senior night against Beaverton, a lopsided 63-13 win for the Saders. 

The unique part? During the JV season, Locati broke his arm. 

“He showed great tenacity and toughness throughout the JV year, broke his arm, and didn’t let that deter him from still wanting to play,” Coach Potter said. 

However, after getting the doctor’s approval, Locati was able to swing up and play. 

“He was the one who went to the doctor and got the okay to put a wrap around it and be able to play even while it healed, so that just shows the kind of determination he has,” Potter said. 

At first, Locati didn’t think it would happen. 

“The only reason my mom sent the email to the doctor is because she thought they would say no, but they said yes, [and] to be honest, just because I had a broken arm, I didn’t think I would play very much,” said Locati. 

However, Locati scored a touchdown in the game against Beaverton, immediately showing his presence as an impact player. 

Potter continued to amplify Locati’s strengths. From a dynamic practice player supporting Jesuit’s starting offensive and defensive lines to his impact in Jesuit’s final game of the regular season, Locati proved his determination and talent.

“He showed that he had that toughness and that desire to continue to play, so when it came time to make a decision, it wasn’t a hard decision,” Potter said .

Locati commented on the fact that the transition to varsity has been made easier by his connections with his fellow JV players also swinging up and the welcoming nature of the varsity team. 

“Everyone is super friendly…I get along with everyone…The energy from JV to varsity, it’s so much stronger and it feels more like a brotherhood than just a team.”