Jesuit’s New Registrar

After the departure of Jesuit’s last registrar, Mr. Jordan Bral, the position was empty. Now, Ms. Laura Foran has been hired for the position. 

Previously, Ms. Foran worked at OHSU in the school of medicine, and more recently, in the Center for Ethics and Healthcare. 

In the school of medicine, Ms. Foran started off as an administrative manager. 

“When I was in the school of medicine, we did the curriculum for the first 18 months of medical school. When I was last in that office, I was the administrative manager,” Ms. Foran said . 

After 13 years in that position, she moved to the Center for Ethics and Healthcare, where she oversaw finances for the center and office staff, and coordinated donor relations because the center was 96% donor funded. 

When asked what brought her to Jesuit, Ms. Foran recalled when she had worked at St. Mary’s Academy. 

“I was just really excited about the opportunity to work in education again. I had worked at OHSU in education with medical students. Prior to that, many years ago, I worked at St. Mary’s Academy for about four years. So I was really excited to come back and have the opportunity to work in education,” said Ms. Foran. 

Though Ms. Foran has been hired as registrar, the new job is a learning experience for her as well. When asked what the position entails, Ms. Foran says that while she’s still learning what she does, she is beginning to figure it out. 

“What I have learned so far is coordinating the substitute teachers, which can vary every day. I am learning to do student schedules to make changes to student schedules, and I am currently hoping to get out the student directory, which is a little bit behind right now because there wasn’t anyone in this position for a while,” said Ms. Foran. “Each day is different so far.” 

One fun fact about Ms. Foran is that she fosters kittens. 

“If anybody is looking for a kitten, they’d just need to talk to me,” said Ms. Foran. “I don’t currently have any kittens that I’m fostering, but I have an adult cat that I’m fostering, and I think he’s going to go to his new home this week.” 

Additionally, Ms. Foran has four of her own cats, and her son’s two cats, as well as her dog Ruby. She loves knitting, gardening, and reading, and takes Ruby to the dog park each day.