The 5 C’s: Cheery, Classic, Chocolate Chip Cookie


Holland Boecker

Mattson’s classic chocolate chip

To celebrate the Christmas season, Jesuit media is featuring a student’s cookie: freshman Jane Mattson’s chocolate chip. 

The cookies were the epitome of a Holiday classic and consisted of a blast of flavor for all of those who had the privilege to try one. 

“It was salty in a good way,” senior and Advanced Media Production student Aoife Gish said.

The recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla and it is the perfect amount. Just enough to taste, but not too much that it is overpowering. There is also one whole cup of chocolate chips in the recipe, again the perfect amount. 

“There was a good amount of vanilla and everything was mixed well together,” senior and Advanced Media Production student Skylar Bordonaro said. 

The way the cookie baked also lent a hand to the great taste. The bake was exactly what cookie lovers would hope the bake to be. 

“[The cookie] was perfectly baked. It had a good crunch on the outside and a soft inside. I was impressed because that is hard to achieve,” senior and Advanced Media Production student Gus Clevenger said. 

These cookies were the perfect start to the Christmas season. In need of holiday cheer or simply just another cookie recipe? Mattson’s is a winner. 

“It [the cookie] was delectable,” senior and Advanced Media Production student Jack O’Connor said. 

Try it sometime.