Golden Tickets Hype and Help Food Drive Efforts


Mr. Falkner

Golden ticket helpers are in charge of packaging and sorting foods on distribution day.

Murmurs of the illusive “golden ticket” echo the halls of Jesuit during food drive season. But what exactly is the golden ticket, and how is a student lucky enough to receive one?

This long-standing tradition is a piece of paper awarded to select students. Receiving a ticket allows these students to miss a full day of classes on the final day of the food drive, during which they will instead spend the day in the cafeteria packaging and sorting food and perishable items. 

“We really love our golden ticket helpers,” Associate Director of the Arrupe Center for Justice Emily Schmidt said. “They’re our main workforce, so it’s really important we invite a big enough group of students to support our final food drive efforts.”

This year, golden ticket helpers committed to sorting food donations after school on Wednesday, December 14, and continuing that work on Thursday, December 15 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 

If a student did not receive a golden ticket this year, the Arrupe Center for Justice provides another shift for anyone to stop by and help support food drive efforts from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Wednesday. 

Schmidt, alongside Director of the Arrupe Center for Justice Andrea Casey, selects golden ticket helpers by observing who has committed to participating on the 5 student committees: Advertising, Special Events, Perishables, Distribution, and T-Shirts. 

“These are the students that help us advertise events, run the special events, call sponsored families, buy perishable items, and more,” Schmidt said.

Senior Nate Heller was awarded a golden ticket after he helped organize the Simple Meal and Baby Goats events through his work on the Special Events committee.

“I hadn’t been involved with behind the scenes food drive work before,” Heller said. “I figured that since it’s my final year at Jesuit, it’d be rewarding to get involved.”

Heller is anticipating positive collaboration with his peers to create an environment for effective service on Thursday.

“I’m excited to see all the food drive participation behind the scenes,” Heller said. “It’s great to be a part of something that provides so much joy to people experiencing food insecurity in our community.”

Junior Farzin Daruwala also received a golden ticket this year after her consistent participation on the Special Events committee.

“When I started helping out with the food drive I wasn’t necessarily aiming for a golden ticket but instead hoping to have a lot of fun with helping people out,” Daruwala said.

The recognition was a nice surprise, as Daruwala is now looking forward to the opportunity to contribute more of her energy to the food drive. 

“Working behind the scenes at the food drive was important to me because it really helps me feel like I’m making a difference in the world even if it is just a small one,” Daruwala said. “I guess it makes me feel happy to know that I am one of the reasons for a family being happy.”

The golden ticket system is a special incentive for students to assist the Arrupe Center for Justice and create food drive spirit on distribution day.