The BOAT Show: Ep 2. China Delight

On the most recent episode of The BOAT Show, Brynn Ensminger and Charlie Riddle ventured to China Delight, the Chinese restaurant across the street from Jesuit, to learn about its history, food, and connection to the community.

The owner of China Delight, who goes by Bruce, sat down with us for an interview, discussing   the restaurant’s origins, food, and values.

“China Delight started in Santa Clara and it is still there. But at the time, my kid was one year old, and we wanted to raise my family, so we moved up here [and opened our own China Delight]. So I’ve now been doing the restaurant business for forty years,” Bruce said. 

China Delight has been welcoming in customers and friends on Beaverton Hillsdale Blvd. since 1996.

“I enjoyed socializing with the patrons, they’ve almost become like my friends,” Bruce said. 

After interviewing Bruce, Brynn and Charlie tried the pork dumplings. Sharing their opinions on the flavor, presentation, and value, the pair used the BOAT scale to rate the food. 

Charlie gave the dumplings a perfect five out of five for the flavor, and specifically enjoyed  the pork taste within the crisp dough. Brynn rated the dumplings as a four out of five, finding the acidic side sauce a nice complement. 

The hosts were not only impressed with the flavor of the food, but also the overall value and experience of the dining.

“When you go out to eat, you want to get your money’s worth, and you for sure get that at China Delight,” Riddle said. “You really feel the family atmosphere,” Ensminger added. 

Overall, China Delight was a worthwhile visit, as Brynn and Charlie left feeling the family love, and with very full stomachs.