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It’s All About Communication

January 25, 2023

Counselor Mr. Ken Potter explained how cancellation cuts all ties to communication as the teen is exiled and forgotten, therefore preventing teens from reaching out, sharing, and being heard.

“To me, every time there is a lack of communication, that’s not good,” Potter said. “And when we cancel somebody, there is a lack of communication pretty much immediately.”Bernards outlined why communication is crucial for teens to cultivate.

“Being able to articulate your feelings is a big skill,” Bernards said. “For example, brainstorming how you feel about an issue and then having the confidence to confront someone about it in a respectful way takes emotional maturity. It’s a learned skill, and something we have to practice over our life course, but this is very much still in development during adolescence. It’s important to give one another a bit of grace.”

Scott believes that by utilizing direct empathetic communication, problems will avoid being blown out of proportion, and additionally educate a teen on why they exhibited problematic behavior.

“I think it’s way more beneficial to deal with issues on a smaller scale and focus more on informing the person on, for example, why they can’t say a certain thing,” Scott said. “This will be way better for both parties than everyone posting about the problem on social media and having a mob mentality takeover.”

Conversation propels recognition, understanding, and evolution. Without it, canceled teens are unable to advocate for themselves and learn areas for change.

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