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Walking in the Shoes of Others

January 25, 2023

We asked students to put themselves in the place of someone who got canceled— to imagine a lack of support and connection, an inability to stand up for themselves, and a tarnished reputation.

“It would be an uncontrollable situation,” Barthold said. “I would want someone to come up and talk to me, to ask questions and be civil without shunning me.”

“I’d have zero trust,” freshman Sam Kaempf said. “I’d worry anything I said or did would instantly get flipped. And I think that lack of trust would prevent me from creating any important social bonds in the future.”

“I would feel attacked from all angles,” senior Elliot Sorenson said. “Without being able to advocate for myself, my friends wouldn’t know who to believe and I would have no one to turn to. My reputation and identity would be lost.”

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