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What’s Next?

January 25, 2023

Experts have provided insight on how to constructively circumvent cancel culture in workplaces and schools.

Cognitive-behavioral coach Dr. Robin Buckley wrote about the idea of “revision culture” instead of cancel culture in a 2022 article for Entrepreneur.

“Instead of cancel culture’s punishment reaction to blackballing a person, revision culture can focus on education and rehabilitation of the individual or organization,” Buckley asserted. “It could offer healing instead of festering the cancers of hatred and ignorance.”

Author Yasna Vismale revealed in a LinkedIn post how this external focus on education, such as offering resources and/or opening direct or wider dialogues about topical issues, leads to growth for a canceled individual.

“Operating through an educational standpoint will allow you to focus on creating a potential solution or guidebook that is personalized for the needs of that person, rather than turning them off by making them feel misunderstood and frustrated,” Vismale said.

Essentially, cancel culture’s punishments of isolation, unforgiveness, and silence appear to do more harm than good. Contrastly, approaches such as “revision culture” will encourage community members to take accountability because of education, not retribution.

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