PODCAST: Ep. 2 Sader Scoop – Slay or Nay

As 2023 begins, we see the theme of “new year new me” flow in, pushing many to adapt to new fashion trends. However, are these trends slays or nays?

Holiday lists for this season were filled with some of these hot trends, like baggy and low waisted pants. 

Senior Brynn Ensminger commented in the podcast, “These pants can look really good when worn properly.”

Along with the baggy and low waisted style being an absolute hit, mini UGG boots have also been a winter boot essential. These slay’s are worn to school, work, or even on your couch at home, as they feel like a warm hug on your feet!

Fellow senior Skylar Bordonaro, fellow co-host of Ensminger, said, “UGGs are definitely worth the investment as they last for a while and add to any outfit”.

There were many other slays that were mentioned throughout the episode, like corset tops, fold over pants, professional style, and ear muffs. But with every slay, there were also some fashion nays. 

Leading the way, dad sneakers were a trend that we are hoping would have been left in 2022, but have rather landed on the top of our nay list. Additionally, body chains, the trending accessory many people are adding to their outfits to add a little sparkle, were also not doing it for us. Some other minor nays were hunter camo and Crocs. 

We then debated over some trends that were in the middle of slay or nays, like denim on denim, as we agreed, “when worn right it can be a huge slay, but if worn wrong it is a huge nay”. 

Overall the trends coming into 2023 were mega slays, however, there were also some trends we want to leave behind in 2022.