BREAKING NEWS: ZOOM Chat Turned Off for Students During Class Time


Lauren Herrick

ZOOM chat is now unavailable for students to access during class periods.

Students’ favorite communication tool, ZOOM chat, has been officially prohibited for use during class time.

“Teachers reported that ZOOM chat was simply making kids distracted during lectures,” Vice Principal of Student Life Mr. Steve DeKlotz said.

However, ZOOM chat will be available during break and flex periods, as while as during after school times.

If a student has a ZOOM appointment, whether it be a personal instance or college admissions information session, they may also access the app from the Counseling Center.

”I’m sad ZOOM is gone,” junior Lily Lansing said. “It made it super easy to communicate with my friends during the day, and I didn’t feel like it was much of a distraction.”

”I think that although ZOOM is now banned, students are just going to find a new communication tool now,” senior Mia Henninger said.