Climate Activists Speak to Students During Social Justice Week


Mr. Falkner

Brenna Davis of the Ignatian Solidarity Network speaks to students.

During the annual Social Justice Week, Jesuit hosted climate activist and Stanford student Sophia Kianni and Brenna Davis, director of Education for Justice and environmental initiatives for the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

Kianni, an Iranian-American 21-year-old activist, discussed with students how to make a positive impact on the climate, especially for young people.

Kianni founded a nonprofit organization called Climate Cardinals, which translates climate change information into 100 different languages. This helps aid the gap in climate education for those who don’t speak English. Kianni founded Climate Cardinals during COVID when she was only 17.

Sophia Kianni’s keynote presentation focused on how students can find ways to get involved in unique ways to aid the climate crisis. Kianni offered solutions, which included social media advocating and emailing representatives.

Kianni is the youngest member of the United Nations Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

On Wednesday, Brenna Davis of the Ignatian Solidarity Network spoke to students about the intersection of Jesuit teachings and climate change.

Davis’s presentation focused on how individual actions, like consuming less, conserving, recycling, and other actions can help the collective create a more climate centric environment.

Davis stressed the importance of Jesuit education and acts of justice. Additionally she encouraged students to work for “love” and find hope, even in times of difficulty and pessimism, especially surrounding the climate.

Both talks focused on how individual actions can aid in the fight against climate change.