PODCAST: Ep. 4 Sader Scoop – Slay or Nay

The official cover art for podcast, The Sader Scoop.

The official cover art for podcast, The Sader Scoop.

Spring fashion has sprung, showing off new trends consisting of pastels, floral prints, and everything bright. In the second episode of Slay or Nay, Brynn Ensminger and Skylar Bordonaro discuss whether the top trends of spring are slay or nays. 

The first fashion trend ditches the pants for skirts, accommodating for the warming weather, as denim skirts have entered the fashion world. But are they really a slay? Ensminger and Bordonaro debate this trend and end up coming down to the same consensus: denim skirts are more of a nay.

“I think they [denim skirts] look cute if they are low waisted and you pair a long shirt, but I think they can make you quite hot and uncomfortable” said Bordnonaro. 

Next, the two of them hopped into the hot discussion of fringe. 

Thinking the fringe was a slay, Ensminger said, “[fringe] can look super cute with summer clothing”. Whereas Bordonaro opposed, saying, “I think fringe can sometimes change the whole vibe of your outfit and clash with things”. 

In the end, they decided fringe was both a slay and nay, depending on how it is worn.

Along with fringe, the two agreed that many other of the spring trends did fit into both the slay and nay categories, like floral prints, bubble skirts, and flats. 

Finally, Bordonaro and Ensminger jumped into their favorite slays, specifically leather jackets as they add a great dose of confidence to any outfit. Being altered to be spring ready, leather jackets can be found in lighter color like pastels, which was also a huge slay in their book. Pastels are the perfect trend for spring and they’re here for it. 

Overall, the hosts agreed that most of the trends coming into spring are huge slays and they are ready for people to spring into action and wear these trends around.