30 years of Setons Contributes to Community-Building


Aoife Gish

The senior Setons group comes together for a photo-op during their March meeting.

The start of this school year marked the 30th anniversary of Setons. Setons, a women’s faith group that meets once a month, aimsing to help women to bond and support each other with the highs and lows of life. Setons is held in the chapel on Sunday nights, creating a sacred space for the women to interact with their deeper selves.

Originally founded by Mrs. Erin DeKlotz, Setons has contributed to the movement of women’s involvement at Jesuit. When Jesuit became coed for the 1993-1994 school year, Deklotz was hired to increase the female faculty count and add a young approach to the high school.

With the addition of women to Jesuit, came many changes such as all women’s encounters and setons. A pioneer, Mrs. Deklotz took it upon herself to start up the women’s faith group.

“Setons was designed to provide women that come to Jesuit with the opportunity to continue their encounter experience,” Deklotz stated.

Another spiritual opportunity is the junior encounter. The encounter is a weekend experience that is amazing but students can forget how to implement their new findings into their daily life. since the weekend is so short. Setons provides women with the opportunity to share, like in the encounter, but once a month.

“Setons is like a booster shot. It’s a way for women at Jesuit to have a space to be reminded of the encounter spirit,” Deklotz explained.

Setons meets once a month, on Sunday nights. Each grade level has their own Setons group in order to ensure that the group remains close-knit without people graduating and others staying. Being able to chat with your own grade also allows for women to become closer with their peers.

“I value Setons because it allows me to find support and helps me get through difficult times. Having Setons on Sunday nights helps me get ready for the week ahead,” Ssenior Ssetons current student-leader Alessandra Savarese stated.

Setons allows women to build relationships with the women in their community by connecting to their faith, supporting one another and lifting each other up. The Jesuit community benefits from the program because it is something that is open to any female-identifying person, religious or not. It is special because some students choose to share whereas other students can just listen.

“It’s a really welcoming environment where I can always find someone I can relate to and it humanizes the Jesuit experience” Brynn Ensminger mentioned.