Munch Madness Tournament Begins April 4th


Veronika Lizier-Zmudzinski

Munch Madness champion banner hangs in the student commons to celebrate years of champions.

Jesuit’s annual Munch Madness started April 4th. 

Munch Madness takes a similar structure to the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, known as March Madness, which concluded on April 3rd with a championship victory by the University of Connecticut over San Diego State University. 

The term “Munch Madness” was coined at the beginning of the yearly tradition because the games were played during both first and second lunch. 

For two years now, because of the new bell schedule, the rounds have been played during Flex. 

Munch Madness started in 2013 when students decided they wanted to have a friendly student-versus-student basketball competition. Now about twenty student teams play against each other. 

The six-person team (5 players and one coach) are made up of freshmen through seniors. Three people are on the court at one time playing with one basket. 

The games are 10 minutes long or until a team scores 7 points. Points are allocated by giving 1 point for a typical 2-pointer and 2 points for a typical 3-pointer. If a team loses the game, they are eliminated from the competition. 

Not only do students enjoy participating by playing but many enjoy being spectators. 

“I love watching the games,” senior Gabriella Feleciano said. “It’s super fun and exciting.”

Students can watch their peers and classmates in the Knight Gym.