Spring Dance: A Night in New Orleans


Abby Cox

The Spring Dance will be at Jesuit this Saturday.

This Saturday, April 22nd, Jesuit will host a Spring Dance in the Knight Gym. It is free for all Jesuit students and opens at 8pm. 

It will be a semi-formal dance, and students are encouraged to wear summer dresses, collared shirts, nice pants, skirts, and sneakers. The Jesuit Dress Code will remain in place for the dance. 

Students can go alone or with a group. Students are also allowed to fill out a guest pass to invite people outside of Jesuit.

The dance will be themed around New Orleans, featuring a live band which will play classics from Drake and Rihanna. Music will not only be restricted to Jazz, as it will feature current hits and throwbacks. It will be a closed dance, meaning that the doors will close at 8:30pm, and students will have to stay at the dance until 9:30pm. 

All Jesuit dance rules still apply.