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New assistant athletic director Wright excited about new role

Ms. Wright starts the year as the new assistant athletic director.

Ms. Wright begins her role as assistant athletic director at Jesuit after 7 years working as an athletic director at St Mary’s and Jefferson High School. Additionally, she taught physical and health education at Reynolds High School.

As an experienced athletic director, Wright will be responsible for game management, supervising athletic events, and communicating with the OSAA in partnership with athletic director Mr. Griffin.

Beginning her new role, she is ready to start the year off strong.

“I love athletics and I love students.”

Before working in education, she played professional basketball with a previous professional women’s team called the Portland Powers. She also was with the Sacramento Monarchs, played on the Jones Cup Team for USA Women’s basketball and the WNBA was a small part of her work background.

In the interview Wright was asked about the best advice she had ever received.

“Persevere no matter what,” Wright said. “That’s been a part of my life growing up. My mom passed at an early age and just been fighting ever since.”

Wright brings lots of energy and passion to the Jesuit community and athletics.

Full Transcript (Lightly edited for clarity):

So we’re going to start out with how long have you been in your field?
How long have I been in my field? I started out in St. Mary. So I was there doing this, this job as an assistant for about four years. So I would say a total of about seven years, I’ve been an assistant athletic director. And part of that time, I spent about a year and a half at Jefferson High School as the head ad over there.
Okay. The second question you kind of already touched on, where did you work prior to Jesuit?

Probably prior, my first stop was St. Mary’s Academy years ago. I went to Jefferson High School in North Portland for about five years and then Tim Monza Reynolds teaching, physical education and health, and now I’m here.
What are your main responsibilities at Jesuit?
I think it kind of varies. We’re still trying to figure out my duties between Mr. Griffith and myself. But right now, it’s, I would say it’s game management, supervising athletic events, and doing hardships with the OSAA
What excites you about your work at Jesuit?
I love athletics, and I love students. So being around student athletes or that that’s my go to. That’s what really gets me excited.
What is something the community should know about you?
I played professional basketball back in the day, years ago when they had a women’s professional team here called the Portland packer and I did a brief stint with the WNBA team, the Sacramento Monarchs, and I officiated small college basketball on the women’s side.
What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
You guys are good. Let’s see. Never give up. Persevere no matter what. That’s been part of my life growing up, you know, Mom passed at an early age and just been fighting ever since.

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