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JV Football falls to West Linn 63-14

Mr. Falkner
JV Football took on Central Catholic on September 7th, dropping the game 26-21.

On September 15th, 2023, Jesuit High School’s JV football team played West Linn High School’s JV program, losing 63-14.

The two respected teams showed up at Cronin Field on a hot Thursday afternoon.

Jesuit Crusader Parker Haydet kicked things off with a huge kick down the field. But West Linn’s sophomore running back Vego Anderson returned the kick to the forty yard line.

At ten minutes and ten seconds, the West Linn Quarterback threw a touchdown pass to put the Lions up by a score.

The Crusaders offense came onto the field to turn the game around. Jesuit started the game off with a run, but the Lions defense was anticipating the play before it even happened.

Forcing the Crusaders to punt off the first drive, the Lions offense came back onto the field.

Jesuit, making small mistakes, ended up with a touchdown from Anderson, making the score 0-14.

Jesuit’s offense came back onto the field, hoping to make an impact, but ending up in a quick punt.

0-28 Lions lead to the end of the first quarter.

At the start of the second half, the Crusaders started their drive on their own twenty yard line. Jesuit’s junior QB Borest Cristainstin threw a deep pass to sophomore Jack Tungee who ran it into the endzone for an eighty yard touchdown. Making the score 7-28.

Can this Crusaders touchdown make the Lions offense and defense off guard?

The Lions responded with a forty yard touchdown run to make the score 7- 35.

Jesuit’s offense started their drive on their own twenty, and were hit hard with the Lions defensive line. Not being able to run and pass the ball effectively, the Crusaders ran a freeze play on fourth down, intending to have the defense jump offsides and cause a penalty, ending up in a timeout for the Crusaders, not able to have them jump, they shifted to their punt team.

The Lions defense starts to advance down the field at pace, until the Crusaders stop them and force them to punt for the first time of the night.

Lions sophomore Drew Rinky played great defense and forced Jesuit to punt.

Westlinns started to move the ball down the field until sophomore Jacob Gorman made an interception at the end of the first half.

At the half, Callum Foley said after Jack Tungee scored.

“We got pretty hyped,” they said. Foley added, “We are hitting too high, we need to wrap up more.”

As the second half rolled around, the Crusaders offense did not get to a good start. They went a quick three and out.

Once again, Anderson ran the ball in for a 46 yard touchdown.

The Crusaders were not done. QB sophomore Harper Sage snuck the ball in for a touchdown.

As the clock expired, the score was 14-63.

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Mackie Malkiel
Mackie Malkiel, Staff Writer
Mackie Malkiel is a sophomore at Edison High School. His first taste of media came from taking photos of Legos with his parents iPhones. He latter started to use his parents camera for his photography. He would take pictures of Legos and action figures of Star Wars characters. He then would latter take the pictures and digitally draw on them to make it look like the characters were in a battle. When his older brother was a sophomore, Mackie would take the camera and go to his lacrosse games and take pictures of his brother and his buddies. He has been interested in photography since the start of the pandemic back in the sixth grade. He still is curios on what makes a good sports photo and what makes a great sports photograph. He wants to learn what it means to be right next to the action and still be able to take a photo regardless of what the situation might be. He also likes to play lacrosse with his friends outside of the classroom. He is exited to play for a great lacrosse program and to play with his brother for one last ride.