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New Phone Policy: Out of sight

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Students can now be jugged for having their phone on their person throughout the school day.

The Jesuit administration instituted a new phone policy this year for their students called “The Out of Sight Policy.” An in-depth description of this policy can be found in the student handbook, but the policy requires students’ cell phones to be completely out of sight.

Jesuit has always had a strict phone policy. Phones were never allowed to be used under the past policies during school hours.

Mr. Deklotz, Vice Principal of Student life, voiced that phone usage outside of the approved phone area was a significant concern. Because of this, the administration decided to put a stop to it for good by making sure phones were constantly out of sight.

Mr. Deklotz also emphasized why phones are not allowed in pockets anymore, coming down to a safety concern with students using phones in the bathroom.

“We don’t want to give a JUG for it. So, it’s [the policy] to make it a little more difficult to access phones and maybe it’ll make the student think to wait until they are in a space where they are allowed to use it,” Mr. DeKlotz said.

Mr. Shoultz, English teacher of sophomore, juniors, and seniors, feels that the change is needed after less strict rules following the pandemic.

“I think after COVID things got really relaxed and there was a concern, almost like a reactionary concern.”

He thinks the policy is probably for the best, but for the no pocket rule he doesn’t find himself looking at people’s pockets to see if their phone is there.

Throughout their time at Jesuit, sophomores, juniors, and seniors have experienced many different phone policies.

Senior Mary Maidment, who is on her fourth different phone policy, voiced her opinion.

“At first I was annoyed with the policy as I always had my phone in my pocket, but now I understand that it benefits my learning to be fully separate from it.”

When asked how she feels about this new policy, junior Wynter Veber offered a similar stance.

“The policy was difficult to get used to at first because I am so used to keeping my phone in my pocket. But, after being in school for a month I have gotten used to just putting my phone in my bag and haven’t really noticed the new policy having any more of an effect that previous policies have.”

Sophomore Ellie Brecker, who despite only having experienced one previous Jesuit phone policy, uses her knowledge from middle school to give her opinion on the matter.

“All through middle school, we were required to have our phones in our backpacks so, having it in my pocket during freshman year felt more like a privilege. Now that we are going back to having it in our backpacks, I don’t really mind because that is what I am used to anyways.”

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Magda Blubaugh, Staff Writer
Magda Blubaugh is a junior on the 2023-2024 Jesuit media team. Despite being born in Oregon, she spent her formative years growing up in the heart of Chicago. Living in Chicago, she was constantly surrounded by all types of media. Due to this exposure, Magda has sparked an interest in Media. She has been a member of the Jesuit Yearbook staff for the past two years, and plans on taking her writings skills and creativity from this class to the media team. She is interested in all things media, whether it’s a social media post or journalism, she loves it all. When’s she not at Jesuit, you can find Magda laughing with her friends, drinking Starbucks, hanging out with her family, and if there’s a concert in town, you can be sure she’s there. It’s Magdas dream to make a career out of her love of media. She is super excited about learning more about her school and exploring different types of media this year!