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Asta Klewe experiencing American culture with Jesuit family

Asta Klewe (left) with her host Audrey Bayless (right) before homecoming.

All the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, Asta Klewe has come to spend the school year at Jesuit.

Klewe has been learning English at school since the first grade, so she is able to communicate well here in Portland. However, this experience isn’t typical for English learners at her school.

Klewe recalls arriving at the Portland Airport at midnight after a 20 hour flight and realizing from now on, she had to speak fully in English. Her host, junior Audrey Bayless, welcomed the hungry traveler that night with a big gift bag of American snacks–of which her favorites were rice crispy treats.

The girls had been in touch for about six months, since the Bayless family decided they wanted to host an exchange student.

“They took a stranger into their home,” Klewe joked.

They have since gotten to know each other well. Bayless reported that she and Asta had been to Sephora numerous times, and laughed with her shopping loving guest.

They’ve also gotten to know each other’s habits–Audrey likes to get to school early to sit in the car, and Asta likes to get here right before school starts.

Having an exchange student is more than having a friend live with you for a year for Audrey.

“We thought it would be good for our family to gain perspective and learn about a different culture,” Bayless said.

Klewe explained that as well as culture and food are different in Denmark, so is school. She didn’t have a similar schedule each day like Jesuit does, and the teachers moved classrooms instead of the students. Asta had to adjust to her new schedule at Jesuit as well as walking to different rooms throughout the day.

Back in Copenhagen, Asta loved gymnastics and hanging out with her friends in the small city. Most teens take public transportation, walk, or bike there since drivers licenses are only available at 18 and most places are in a close radius.

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Evelyn Kennedy, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Evelyn Kennedy, a junior at Jesuit High School, was born in Portland and has also grown up in Chicago and Seattle. She is creative and spends her free time reading, writing, drawing, spending time in nature, and baking. Aside from that, she loves laughing with friends and spending time with family, including her dog Willie and sophomore sister Molly. She plans to pursue a career where she can be creative. From a young age Evelyn has loved writing short stories and being imaginative. Evelyn is interested in learning about, as well as writing about, social justice issues, the arts, and pop culture. Her goal for her high school years is to constantly be learning new things, within the media production world, and beyond. Evelyn is overall curious about the world and wants to share her interest with others. She hopes to travel and find fulfillment in volunteer work throughout her life.