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Sader Frights free and frightful start to fall season


Fall has returned to Jesuit High School with orange leaves and rainy weather. Jesuit students now walk along a leaf-covered Mary’s way, through sporadic rain.

Despite the rain, there are several groups working toward making fall an exciting experience for Jesuit. Student government is organizing the event called “Sader Frights”, a haunted house experience at Jesuit, which will include a s’mores truck.

Livvy Reger, a senior and member of Student Government, is the main organizer of the event.

She first got the idea for it in her sophomore year at Jesuit.

“I really love haunted houses and horror and stuff like that, but it kind of got pushed back with the admin. So we ended up just doing a cider social but I was very committed to doing a real haunted house the next year,” Reger said

The next year, her idea became a reality. Xavier hall was turned into a haunted house for an evening.

“Since then[…] I’ve been kind of collecting, just from horror movies or other haunted houses I’ve been to, and then I really start at the beginning of October[…] I kind of just lock in and go crazy on Pintrist and random websites like Spirit Halloween to start planning this,” Reger said.

Reger said that she was motivated by the fact that she wanted to make Haunted houses accessible to Jesuit Students.

“Sometimes haunted houses can be expensive to go to and they can get booked up. And so I think it’s kind of fun if people that want to do that[ go to a haunted house] have the opportunity just to come to one at their school that’s free,” Reger said.

Ana Casado, a senior, said that she had gone to Sader Frights last year.

“I went to Sader Frights last year and [I’m] not going to lie, I was a little scared. I have a video of me and my friend screaming because the makeup was so vivid and the costumes were also really good,” Casado said.

Reger said that in the past, among other things, Student Government used to hide pumpkin’s around campus for students to find.

“Last year we did a costume contest on the actual Halloween day and I think we’re going to do that again this year, because that was really fun,” Reger said.

Reger hopes that this year, Sader Frights will be more polished.

“I think last year was kind of a trial run, you know, I feel like this year we’ll have figured out the nuts and bolts of figuring out the lights and setup. I hope it [will be] a step up in terms of quality[…]It was a good mess, but it was a bit of a mess last year.[…] So I just hope it’s a little more cohesive,” Reger said.

Looking forward, Reger said that things at student government are ramping up as the holiday season comes into view.

“We’re starting on food drive stuff soon, which is really exciting[…] that’s a really big process that we work with Ms. Casey and Ms. Schmidt on,” Reger said.

Casado said that she wants to go to Sader Frights this year.

“I will try to make it, it’s super fun and everyone should go,” Casado said.

Note: This Article is the first in a two part series about fall at Jesuit. Stay posted about events at Jesuit here and on social media under the handle @JHSmedia

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