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OPINION: When is it okay to listen to Christmas Music?

Popular Christmas music with Christmas presents on top of music sheets.

Is before Thanksgiving too early to listen to Christmas Music? The controversial subject of when is it okay to listen to Christmas music is an ongoing topic during the holidays.

According to Spoifty, 1 out of 4 of their subscribers listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and even earlier.

I am pro-Christmas Music before Thanksgiving. For me, Christmas music brings me joy in the spirit of the holidays and it makes me feel cozy on the inside. I think Christmas music should be listened to during the holiday season to bring joy.

At Jesuit High School, students and faculty also feel strongly about this topic. Many people say after Thanksgiving, but some like to dabble in the jolliness of Christmas Spirit

“After Thanksgiving for sure, but I think it should be borderline December,” senior Anna Keane said.

Faculty member Mrs. O’Mahony also feels strongly about the post Thanksgiving team.

“We have a real battle in my family and I’m very much on the post-Thanksgiving team,” she said.

Even with this vital opinion about Christmas music, others feel the Christmas spirit earlier.

“I used to be hardcore on Christmas music till Thanksgiving but I think I changed my mind and its Christmas music makes you happy. You should listen to it any time of the year,” Magis Seminar teacher Mrs. Hermann said.

Freshman Milla Patel agreed: “I think before Thanksgiving because the radio starts playing them in early November which gets me in the spirit for the holidays.”

Some students don’t really listen to Christmas music at all and are not non-strong-headed about this topic.

“I think whenever you want to listen to it,” senior Scotty Wentworth said.

Tenuous, students and faculty have a wide spectrum of comments on the correct time to listen to Christmas music. I agree with the pre-Thanksgiving team because it reminds me of my family and being with your loved ones during the holidays, not just Christmas.

The views expressed in this opinion are solely those of the author and don’t necessarily represent the views of The Jesuit Chronicle, www.jesuitnews.com, @jesuithsmedia, or Jesuit High School.

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Soleil Scott
Soleil Scott, Director of Videography
Soleil Scott is a senior at Jesuit High School. Her friends would describe her as sarcastic, hilarious, and a fast walker. In her free time she enjoys participating in Mock Trial and being a Jesuit Ambassador. Other activities she enjoys are Green Team, baking, and binge watching shows. But her favorite activity of all is listening to music. Music is her therapy and source of expression. Whenever she listens to music, she can find that sense of relaxation and happiness. She enjoys any kind of music but her personal favorite at the moment is reggae. She is excited to interview and video people and documentaries this year. Soleil took Fundamentals of Media last year and is hoping to widen her skill set this year. She also hopes to learn new editing skills through Adobe Premiere and on Canva. A fun fact about Soleil is that she was born in New York City and hopes to go back East for college. Her dream job would be film production for movies. With whatever Soleil does in the future, she hopes that she can make a positive impact in the world.