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Dr. Price settles into new role as CLARC Assistant Director

Matias Crespo
Dr. Price sits in his office in the CLARC, where he serves as Assistant Director.

This past year the CLARC has made significant changes to improve learning and create a more welcoming environment.

From extended testing suites, tutoring, academic resources, and unique programs, the CLARC provided many resources for students to thrive in their academic journey.

Aside from new improvements to the functioning of the library, the CLARC has also introduced new positions such as Dr. Price who is now the Assistant Director of the CLARC.

Dr. Price has many general duties as Assistant Director working under Mrs. O’Mahony likes making sure the functions of the library are running smoothly and the necessary services are being met for students.

In addition, Dr. Price has been a key figure in other areas of services such as transitioning the testing center to a more digital platform.

“We worked as a team to get it to a new platform so that teachers can now submit their exams through this digital platform and where students can register for those exams through Canvas,” Price said.

As Jesuit is a college preparatory institution, the school is continuing to adopt a 4 year research curriculum, so that students are prepared for higher education.

“Working as a school-wide faculty to create this 4 year reach curriculum that integrates across all grade levels and incorporates different disciplines has been a big part of my job in creating resources for it,” Price said.

Such as improving old programs, Dr. Price is working on providing new services which would hopefully move the CLARC forward.

“We’re just doing a soft launch of a writing lab which will be a space where students can come consult with an experienced writer who is also a student and get help on specific writing assignments or general tutorials on the writing process,” Price said.

This writing lab will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school from 3 to 4 pm in the CLARC.

“This will be a service for students of all grade levels and abilities to come and just get support.”

While Price last year was an educator in the classroom, he stated he has enjoyed this new position and all the programs he has started.

“I really want to develop that research curriculum into something that is really formidable and that students and teachers really find useful,” said Price.

Furthermore, Price’s past experience in teaching writing courses at UCLA and Portland State has allowed him to land this position more smoothly.

“When this position came open they were looking for someone to spearhead this research curriculum which is integrated in writing, which correlates with my teaching experience in the higher level, and was a perfect fit for what they were trying to do here,” said Price.

Last year he was an teacher, and he enjoys the ability to still interact with students and teachers through his work.

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Matias Crespo
Matias Crespo, Director of Videography
Matias Crespo, who is half Ecuadorian, is a senior who has a passion for videography and Journalism. Matias is especially interested in working on documentaries that highlight different events and moments at Jesuit High School. He enjoys writing articles on sports and new teachers in the community. A student who is hoping to pursue this form of videography in college, brings a unique form of dedication and energy to the classroom to continue to get better and help others. His hobbies include filmmaking and Cross Country which is another activity that he is involved with at Jesuit. This is Matias’s second year running in the Advanced class, and is hoping to fill the role of a leader and produce new forms of media.