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Faculty Spotlight: From White House to French 1, Fr. Krause SJ finds joy in the goodness of students

Matias Crespo
Fr. Krouse once worked in the White House before finding his calling as a Jesuit.

Matias Crespo, Staff Writer, January 12, 2024

Jesuit High School holds many teachers who have had experience in a variety of settings. Whether it be teaching at a different school, being in the military, or other circumstances, the backgrounds of teachers at Jesuit is what helps bring diversity and uniqueness to the classrooms.

For educator and priest Fr. Krouse, his history before entering Jesuit is full of fascinating stories.

Currently, Fr. Krouse teaches both Freshman Faith Formation and French 1.

“It is great being in the classroom to work closely with freshmen, welcome them to Jesuit High, and to explore what it means to have a spiritual world view,” Krouse said.

He also enjoys his other position as a priest next to Fr. Craig Boly ’62.

“To celebrate mass and to go on as many retreats as I can is something that brings me joy,” Krouse said.

Fr. Jack Krouse has been exposed to the Jesuit tradition ever since he was in high school, when he attended Bellarmine Prep in San Jose, California.

“I loved the English classes in my high school that I ended up attending Harvard University for my undergraduate to study history,” Krouse said.

While attending Harvard, he discovered a new passion for government.

“In addition to studying history and literature, a friend of mine had mentioned that there was an opening for a student assistant job in the office of the president of Harvard— which was a great opportunity to learn what a president of the university does, how they advance the mission of the school, and how they get support from alumni,” said Krouse.

After successfully gaining knowledge and experience working under the school’s president, Fr. Krouse sought more opportunities to gain real world experience.

“When time came for graduation, I remember sending my resume and applying for an internship at the White House, and thankfully was offered a spot to work under the senior advisor of the president in the west wing,” Krouse said.

It was a high stack job that carried immense pressure, but Fr. Krouse enjoyed it as he was gaining great knowledge about the field.

As the summer internship program working under the senior advisor was coming to an end, Krouse was ambitious to continue his work for the government.

“I was always interested in government and to serve a mission that was about something bigger, so I applied to a few other government departments and was offered a position at homeland security working for assistant secretary Julie Meyers who oversaw things relating to immigration and customs enforcement,” Krouse said.

Although Fr. Krouse was enjoying his time in various government positions, he started to feel a closer connection to the Catholic Church and its mission. As a result, he connected with Jesuits at his old high school in San Jose to learn more about the work they do as priests and educators.

“It helped to notice the role the Catholic church was playing in offering assistance to migrants, and helped in my journey in understanding my values and where do I feel a greater sense of peace and deep call to serve,” Krouse said.

Fr. Krouse then started to read stories of popular Jesuits, which gave him hope and a sense of direction in the midst of his findings.

“I remember reading stories of St. Ignatius of Loyola and being inspired by his conversion in desiring something new,” said Krouse.

After exploring many paths in his early career, Krouse ended up choosing to follow the rich Jesuit tradition as a priest and educator —teaching at Loyola High School in Los Angeles and Sacred Heart Nativity School in San Jose before coming to Jesuit.

“The Jesuits sent me to the Jesuit school in Paris for four years to complete my formation to become a priest, which then led me to Jesuit High School, “ Krouse said.

Fr. Krouse has been at Jesuit for roughly a year and a half and has already seen the powerful mission be exhibited throughout the diverse community.

“In a world that can often be challenging, it brings me great joy to see the goodness in the students,” Krouse said.

As Fr. Krouse brings great experience as an educator to Jesuit High School, he hopes to share what he has learned for the benefit of the community.

“My hope would be to help students discover the love of God and the desire that God has for them to flourish in a future where they bring hope to a world that needs it very much.”

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About the Contributor
Matias Crespo
Matias Crespo, Director of Videography
Matias Crespo, who is half Ecuadorian, is a senior who has a passion for videography and Journalism. Matias is especially interested in working on documentaries that highlight different events and moments at Jesuit High School. He enjoys writing articles on sports and new teachers in the community. A student who is hoping to pursue this form of videography in college, brings a unique form of dedication and energy to the classroom to continue to get better and help others. His hobbies include filmmaking and Cross Country which is another activity that he is involved with at Jesuit. This is Matias’s second year running in the Advanced class, and is hoping to fill the role of a leader and produce new forms of media.