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Fashion Club bonds students in confidence and comfort


Once a month Jesuit’s Fashion club comes together and meets during flex in Art room 3.

Fashion Club is a welcoming and creative community that allows Jesuit students to explore the fashion world while also becoming confident and comfortable in their own clothing choices.

Their mission is to expand and explore their inner creativity in community with other fashion and style enthusiasts.

Jesuit’s Fashion club was started in 2021 by Annie Duan ‘25 and Han Tran ‘25.

Duan shared that she wanted to create Fashion Club in order to invent a place for people to build connections and to be able to bond over something so common in our lives: fashion

“There are so many ways to interpret fashion and I wanted to cultivate a space for people to be able to relax and engage with clubs in a fun and lighthearted way,” Duan said

In 2022 Fashion Club added Finley Clark ‘25 as one of their leaders and then in 2023 Susie O’Mahony ‘26 became Fashion Clubs fourth leader

With the club ever evolving Tran, O’Mahony, and Duan shared their hopes to continue influencing members of the club.

“I hope to be able to influence members of my club to express themselves freely through their clothing and style and having members not be afraid of wearing what they want,” Tran said

“I hope to influence the members of the club by providing a diverse amount of opinions and tastes. I think all of the fashion club leaders have distinct styles, and so do all the fashion club members. I want to make sure that every single member of the fashion club knows that their style is unique and important,” O’Mahony said.

“We want to encourage members to be themselves and get creative! Through our many projects and club meetings, I hope members will grow to be conscious shoppers, considerate friends, and creative individuals,” Duan said.

Fashion Club has many different activities they do throughout the year. For example, design competitions, informational slideshows, arts and crafts, and discussions are recurring activities that a lot of members enjoy.

The most popular of these activities is fashion clubs’ very own clothing swap. The clothing swap involves bringing in clothes people don’t want anymore and exchanging pieces with someone else. This activity is heavily influenced by the trend of recycling fashion, which is very climate conscious and environmentally friendly.

Apart from the in-school activities, Fashion Club has an instagram page (@Jesuitfashion). This is where members can get recaps of their past meetings and updates about future ones as well.

Fashion Club also has an online magazine which is posted on instagram and sent out to members by email. The magazine is another way Fashion Club strives to interact with and influence the Jesuit community..

For the future, Fashion Club hopes to expand into a bigger community for Jesuit High School with a more engaged student body. Continually, they look forward to working with a more diverse group of people, collaborating with different clubs, and hosting engaging events. They also hope that more students from different class years will consider joining as well.

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Finley Clark
Finley Clark, Staff Writer
Finley Clark is currently a junior at Jesuit High School. She has always had an interest in media and journalism and is excited to finally pursue it in Mr. Falkner’s Fundamentals of Media class this year. She was originally drawn to this subject by growing up watching sports with her dad. Though she found the actual games interesting, she found herself intrigued by the commentary of the games and the production of them. However, as years have gone by, though there is still that interest in sports, she wants to explore this topic in a broader view. For example, in recent years Finley has been interested in fashion, so much that she is a leader of Jesuit's very own Fashion Club which she hopes to integrate into her work with Jesuit Media.  Finley was born in Scottsdale Arizona, however, the majority of her early childhood years were spent in Bend, Oregon. In the second grade, she moved to Portland and has been here since. Outside of Jesuit Finley enjoys spending time with her friends and family, skiing, playing sports, discovering and listening to new music, traveling, reading, and hanging out with her pets. Following high school, Finley hopes to attend college pursuing a degree in media and journalism.