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Few solutions to thefts in the women’s locker room

Theft has been an ongoing problem in the locker rooms, according to Ms. Kent (photo by Adobe Firefly image generation)

Recent thefts in the women’s locker room have raised concerns about secured items on campus.

According to Ms. Kent, Director of Campus Safety, theft in the women’s locker room has always been an issue and it has been hard to find a solution. Kent said there are almost half a dozen thefts a year and it is almost always the same items stolen such as money, shoes, and gift cards.

Vivi Vogt ‘26 and Gabriella Moore ‘26 both left their school backpacks hidden under their clothes in an unlocked locker during a pre-season lacrosse practice. During this time, track, basketball and ski teams also practice.

Moore came back from practice to find her student ID on the other side of the locker room on the ground. She noticed that her bag was wide open and many of her lip products had been stolen. Also, $70 was taken from her wallet.

“It made me very upset in the Jesuit community because I thought we were men and women for others, but now we are taking stuff from others,” Moore said.

Moore also says that last year she left her favorite pair of Georgetown Nike Dunk shoes and they were also stolen during her soccer practice. After having two instances of theft, Moore now carries her backpack everywhere and does not use the locker room.

Vogt similarly left her backpack tucked behind her clothes beside the vending machine during lacrosse. When Vogt got home she noticed that all of her lip products, gift cards and cash in her backpack were gone.

“I felt surprised and hurt that someone in the Jesuit community would do that. They saw my student ID so they knew who they were stealing from,” Vogt said.

Because of this, Vogt stores her backpack in her car and does not keep anything in the locker room.

Clothes, shoes, wallets, gift cards, money and lipgloss have been stolen right from the backpacks of Jesuit students using the locker rooms. In many cases these bags are left unattended after school during sports practices for less than two hours.

So why don’t students bring their own locks?

According to Kent, bringing your own locks is against the rules at Jesuit High School. The challenge is that only freshman PE students and athletes in season can have access to a locker with a lock. All other athletes out of season do not receive locks for athletic lockers.
As for Moore, she’ll have to figure out a solution.

“All I want is for my stuff to be safe in the locker room during practice,” Moore said.

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