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Alumni Spotlight: Catching up with lacrosse star Tucker Dordevic

Tucker Dordevic, a 2017 Jesuit Graduate, now plays outdoor lacrosse professionally for the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club after successful a successful and proficient lacrosse career in college (courtesy Tucker Dordevic)

Tucker Dordevic played lacrosse from 2013-2017 at Jesuit High School. Prior to playing at Jesuit he played at a local elementary/middle school called Riverdale.

Dordevic played youth and high school lacrosse with his friend and teammate Sam Handley, who would later play at Penn University then go on to play in the Professional Lacrosse League (PLL).

“Playing at Jesuit was a blast, getting the chance to play with all my best buds I grew up with was unreal,” Dordevic explained.

In Dordevic’s sophomore year he was on Second Team All State (2015). His junior year he was an All American and on First Team All State (2016). His senior year playing at Jesuit, he was on the All American team, All State team, and he was the player of the year (2017).

Dordevic committed to Syracuse University his junior year in high school.

He started as a freshman to later get injured on his foot, leaving him out for his sophomore year. Dordevic was a critical addition to the Orange, being on the first midfield line.

His quickness and change of direction let him create separation from his opponents so could score goals.

Dordevic, making it hard for defenders to guard him, made his name known throughout the country.

When Dordevic was a junior, he started the season off strong, averaging 3 goals a game.

As the season went on, the Coronavirus pandemic ended the season.

The college lacrosse season was over, but not the passion for the sport.

He came back home and took a bucket of balls to a field. Then he would go through his shooting routine, consisting of step downs, ally dodging/ shooting, sweep dodging/ shooting, dodging from below the goal, and in tight finishing.

“Covid was fun and not at the same time… people are going to take their foot off the gas and this is a time for me to push the pedal forward,” Dordevic stated.

Dordevic was on the Tewaaraton Award watch list (Heisman of lacrosse) in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, he was a Tewaaraton Award nominee.

In 2022, Dordevic was nominated captain at Syracuse.

His hard work and dedication to the game let him have an outstanding season the next year at Syracuse.

Dordevic played two more seasons for the Orange, leaving a mark and a standard for others to follow.

Dordevic had an excellent career at Syracuse, starting in 47 games, having a total of 124 career points, scoring 95 goals and 29 assists.

“Syracuse was a dream come true. I wanted to play there my whole life and it felt unreal each day I was there,” Dordevic said.

Dordevic’s time in college lacrosse was coming to an end. He had a decision to make, either stay at Syracuse or go into the transfer portal.

Dordevic arrived at Georgetown University for a graduate program in the fall of 2022.

He played lacrosse for the Hoyas for the 2023 season. He was a powerful asset to Georgetown and their efforts to get to Memorial Day weekend (NCAA Final Four / Championship).

Dordevic scored four goals in his first time in the Georgetown uniform against Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

His impact on the field during the season did not go unnoticed. He was nominated for the Tewaaraton award. It is the biggest award in college lacrosse. Although he did not win the award, he was a finalist.

Georgetown would fall to Virginia University in the Quarterfinals.

“Georgetown was so much fun. I had the chance to go after a championship one last time… I also created a bond with the coaching staff that I never had before with any staff and I love all those guys like family,” Dordevic said.

Dordevic entered the PLL draft after his last season for Georgetown. Dordevic was the sixth overall pick, going to the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club. Making outstanding contributions for the team in his rookie season, Dordevic is now going to play another season of lacrosse for the Wipsnakes.

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