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New dance policy means no more waiting to leave


Jesuit implemented a new format at the spring dance this year allowing students to leave whenever they want, however students now have to pay a fee and fill out a permission slip beforehand.

In the past all Jesuit students have been required to stay a minimum of an hour at all school dances. This requirement had led to safety issues.

To address this issue, Jesuit student government and Jesuit administration have worked together to eliminate the required time at the dance. The idea for this change came about after attending a Metro League leadership conference.

“We met with other student government members, and we were talking about dances and every other metro school doesn’t have a time requirement where students have to stay in the dance,” Mrs. Lakey said.

By letting students leave whenever they want, Jesuit hopes to reduce some safety concerns, including staff having to chase students trying to run out of the dance, and the mass rush out the doors when students are released.

“We decided if we allow students to have the autonomy and flexibility of choosing when they would want to go, hopefully they would not all end up leaving at one time. As it’s a safety concern when you have 400 people trying to leave all at once,” Mrs. Lakey said. “Also it would allow teachers, staff and any volunteers to be safe from anyone trying to run from the dance.”

Along with changing the required attendance time at dances, there is now a required permission slip and a five dollar fee for attending the dance. The permission slip was implemented in order to allow students to leave as they wish, while not holding Jesuit liable for student’s safety after they leave Jesuit’s doors. The new five dollar fee went towards making the dances more enjoyable by funding things like the DJ, decorations, and much more.

“Students can leave as they want, if they are not enjoying the event, so they don’t feel the mental burden of being stuck somewhere,” shared student government member Jack Goldstien. “However every student who wants to attend the dance will have to pay a $5 fee. This will hopefully give kids an incentive to stick around at the dance.”

Freshman Lilly Heydet attended the spring dance.

“I think the new format is good as it allows students to have more freedom and enjoy the dance more. Also the $5 fee is not a big deal as long as it’s going towards a good cause.”

Student government used Sader as a test drive for this format in hopes to continue it on to dances in the future.

“If it goes well, it will be implemented. If it doesn’t go well, then we’ll go back to the drawing board,” shared Mrs. Lakey

As for prom, being a more formal off campus dance, Lakey is unsure whether or not this new format will be implemented.

“Probably not for prom because prom is a little bit more expensive, so I don’t know,” said Lakey.

Ultimately Jesuit is most concerned with the safety of students, staff, and any volunteers involved with the dance.

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