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Meet your new ASB President, Lucy Robb

New ASB President for school year 2024-25, Lucy Robb

Lucy Robb has one goal: making an open environment for student voices.

Lucy Robb was elected the new incoming ASB President for the Jesuit school year 2024-25, elected by students on May 2nd.

She’s here to support the student body voice and make a more comfortable and inclusive community for students to express their voice.

To achieve these goals, Lucy is working to produce an anonymous Google form for students to submit their feedback or an idea they want to share to shape the Jesuit student body.

“[This would be] monthly and there will be an anonymous form sent to all the students,” Robb said.

Beyond applying student voice in the Jesuit community so students can be in a comfortable learning environment, she would also take student concerns or suggestions to the administration to be a representative of the student body.

As for measurable goals, Robb also strives to achieve a common student wish: sweatpants during finals week.

In her current role in student government, she has been working with the student government to achieve this wish for the comfort of students during finals week.

“We’ve started a proposal already,” Robb said as she works with the ASB cabinet, Ingrid Schmidt, Jack Goldstein, and Alexa O’Halloran.

Robb also wants to benefit students in voting for pep rallies or sport themes, so students can choose their own themes.

“[Say people wanted] green and gold or something like that, then students will be able to voice their opinions,” Robb said.

Robb also thinks these are achievable and realistic goals, not only working with student government but actively engaging with Jesuit admin. She will continue to support the student body working with admin through hard work and repetition.

“The admin will consider them,” Robb said.

Although the ASB cabinet will adapt proposals with the admin concerns, they want to keep consistency with the ideas brought up by students.

“[We want to make sure] the administration understands what the students want,” Robb said.

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Adelaide Hess
Adelaide Hess, Staff Writer
Adelaide Hess is starting her junior year at Jesuit High School as a transfer student. At her previous school, Northwest Academy, she found a love for photography, specifically black and white film photography. She loves being able to document moments in time and practice the art of processing film. She loves to photograph nature, from skiing on the slopes of mountains to basking in the freezing sand of the Oregon coast. But Adelaide has also found an interest in writing her thoughts across a page, giving her photos a written story. She loves experimenting with new vocabulary or practicing how to captivate an audience with an interesting narrative. Adelaide considers herself a creative and imaginative person, always trying to see her life through a lens or what sounds the best on paper to tell a story. She finds her inspiration by finding quiet places in life, taking a walk in the forest, or spending time with her dogs usually helps her mind escape writer's block. Adelaide wants to explore the journalism world of writing, growing her skills as an informative writer. Especially learning how to document and inform readers about the environment that she loves. Adelaide’s goal for the year would be to blossom as a writer but also find her way of protecting our home planet.