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Thefts at school lead to further investigation, action


Recent thefts on the Jesuit campus have led to further investigation into the issue as a whole. Over the past school year, theft has been reported in the locker rooms and most recently in the PAC.

Thefts in the locker rooms are more common because of the lack of cameras and when students leave their belongings out. Although, according to Ms. Kent director of campus security, the recent theft in the PAC cubbies, is not usual.

“The PAC thefts were an anomaly that has never happened,” Kent said.

In the PAC, the theft consisted mainly of airpods, cash, and other valuables in students’ backpacks. Ms. Kent, campus monitors, and the arts department are adamant about stopping the issue and are considering alternative ways to prevent issues like the PAC thefts.

“We talked about maybe covering the lockers with some kind of mesh you could put a lock on, but I think now Elaine and Brandon have told their kids to bring the backpacks with them,” Ms. Kent said.

When looking at theft as a whole, it is a crime that can be significantly reduced with proper attention and response.

“It’s a crime of opportunity,” Kent said— meaning it is a crime without planning or premeditation, and when specifically a student sees an opportunity for crime, they take it.

By securing belongings students can reduce that risk significantly.

Many students carry the preconceived notion that because Jesuit is a private school, they don’t have to worry about theft when leaving belongings unattended. Students also may have the idea that none of their peers would do that to them, but as Ms. Kent stated, it’s about opportunity, where belongings are left, and if they are secured.

However, students note that even locking possessions has not deterred theft.

“My airpods were stolen out of my locked locker, now I hide my backpack under sweatshirts even when my locker is locked,” senior Hudson Lewis said.

Hiding belongings, even when locked, is another way to protect yourself and your belongings.

Theft is an issue for all schools, private and public. Statistically, theft per person is lower in private vs public schools, but this does not merit a relaxed approach when it comes to securing your personal items (NCES). The data could come from many factors, the increased teacher to student ratio, smaller school, or more cameras available. Regardless- stowing belongings in a secured space is crucial to prevent crime.

“My monitors used to sweep the locker rooms during the school day and pick up any backpacks and bring them in here and we would give jugs… we are going to return that policy for next fall,” Ms. Kent said.

Giving jugs for unsecured items enforces student awareness and hopefully brings more attention to the necessary actions. Overall, the policy aims to improve student safety and will return in September to further decrease any crimes of opportunity.

“I don’t think it’s worse this year than any other year,” Ms. Kent said.

The overall trend hasn’t changed from previous years to 2024. Theft is always an issue that staff are working to decrease and one that students have a large part in.

“Our kids are really good about reporting the things they see, if you see something say something,” Ms. Kent said.

Along with securing your own belongings, being aware and vigilant further helps keep the campus safe.

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