Quarantine cuts hours, eliminates jobs


The Coronavirus pandemic has eliminated a significant amount of jobs all across the nation.

While we sit around during this time of isolation, bored and wanting to be with our friends, this Coronavirus pandemic creates more than just an inconvenience from the quarantine mandate.

All around the nation, companies and businesses are shutting down, cutting hours, and releasing employees. 

Junior Emily Clauson has experienced first hand experience with a job loss. Clauson works at Claeys Catering, which attends to events such as weddings, funerals, and parties all throughout the months. 

“Ever since we had to practice social distancing, all of the [events] got completely canceled, leaving me and my coworkers without any jobs. [Since] Claeys is a small business, they can’t afford to give us any type of pay over the break,” Clauson explained.  

Many businesses run into the same predicament as Claeys: unable to pay workers Because of the revenue shortage, stores and companies have had to cut employee hours, if not laying them off completely. 

In New York, Marriott International began furloughing tens of thousands of employees worldwide. Stores such as coffee shops, restaurants, and gyms have begun laying off workers outright (nytimes). According to The Economic Policy Institute, a progressive research group, the coronavirus outbreak could displace around three million jobs in New York by summer (nytimes).

Freshman Gitanjali Valiyaveetil explains how the coronavirus has made her and her family more careful to monitor their expenditure.  

“[We are] more careful when using things and more aware and conservative with our consumption. [Also,] if we need a specific item from the store, it hasn’t always been in stock when my parents have gone shopping,” Valiyaveetil said. 

However, many families are experiencing more than just caution surrounding their expenses. People working low-wage jobs face the most uncertainty with their financial situation. Although employees are urged to stay home should they exhibit cold-like symptoms, staying home for one day can leave drastic effects surrounding food on the table and a warm house. 

Fran Marion, a single mom making $11.50 an hour at McDonald’s in Missouri, describes her experiences with sickness and working.

“I’ve definitely had to come in when I’m sick before. Missing a day’s income is the difference between a roof over your head next month, or keeping the lights on” (abcnews). 

Many people like Marion are stuck in the impossible predicament of either staying home and suffering the consequences, or going to work and possibly infecting others just to survive. 

During this time of turmoil, it’s imperative to digitally reach out to people who are vulnerable and may have a job insecurity. A small gesture of kindness can go a long way, especially since physical communication has been severed. Junior Alex Casias describes how he values reaching out to people in this tumultuous time. 

“It’s important to appreciate the small things in life, like talking to friends, celebrating birthdays, and just being there for each other. [It] can make all the difference to people.”